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Editors’ note:

“Irony in The Dark Knight Returns” by Nicolas Labarre is the first article published by The Comics Grid presenting ideas in a modular -rather than strictly linear- format. In the words of the author, “modularity was a way to include footnote disgressions without relegating them to a marginal space.” 

The image below is best read at full-size, which is accessible by clicking on it.

Irony in The Dark Knight Returns, by Nicolas Labarre, The Comics Grid (September 2012). Click on image to enlarge.

Irony in The Dark Knight Returns. Click on image to enlarge



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About the author

Nicolas Labarre has contributed 9 articles.

Nicolas Labarre is an assistant professor at University Bordeaux 3, France. He has worked on mass culture theories, and his current research focuses on issues of genre, narrative constraints, and cultural legitimacy in comics.